Professional Elvis Impersonators Association

The Professional Elvis Impersonators Association is the oldest organization for Professionals Tribute Artist of the late, great Elvis Presley. Membership is open to professional who have been in the industry for more than 2 years and have met the criteria set up by the board of advisers.

The criteria mainly consist of 5 areas of professionalism, but not limited to these:

1. Professionally made costumes

2. Professional Sound System and Tracks or Live Band

3. A polished show that includes Live Singing, no Lip-synching.

4. Professional Resume and Performances before Live Audiences. Verifiable Credentials, letters, posters etc.

5. Experience in Local, National, Regional or World Championship Competitions.

Once these items are provided you can apply to join the P.E.I.A. Once you are approved and your yearly fee is made, then you will receive:

A Webpage on the PEIA website with 3 photos, 1 Professional Demo Video, and your Bio and contact information. You will also get a link to your website and able to proudly display our logo on your site. You will get access to merchandise from the PEIA and custom website services.

You will be list in the Members area and clients can verify that you are a professional with credentials in the ETA Industry.

You will be part of an Elite Group of Entertainers from around the world!